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Ertiqa signs a memorandum of cooperation with the Water Desalination Corporation

“Ertiqa” signed a memorandum of cooperation with the water desalination corporation in the organization headquarters.

“Ertiqa” CEO, Saleh Al-qom signed the memorandum from the organization side, and from the corporation side, engineer Ali Al Hazmi.

The Convention aims to promote a culture of social responsibility and a culture of giving development and to find cooperative partnerships to strengthen the social role.

“Ertiqa” representative, Saleh Al-qom confirms the purpose of the memorandum is to promote the culture of computer rehabilitation and support the programs of intellectual and environmental protection. And he added we collected more than 46175 computers till now, 22650 computer was rehabilitated to To be distributed to beneficiaries of different categories and recycled more than 20874 computer With a weight of more than 622 tons in an environmentally sound and safe manner.

Engineer Ali Al Hazmi mentioned that Cooperation with charities seeks to achieve the desired ends of human action, feeling its responsibility toward society, and reinforcing attitudes as a partner in development.

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