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About Al Fozan
About Al Fozan

aBOUT Al Fozan Social Foundation

Al Fozan is not just about business: An unshakable belief prevails within the group that its member companies, owners and employees are a serious force for good in the societies in which they work. This is best highlighted in the work of Al Fozan Social Foundation, which has pressed ahead with game-changing social initiatives that are unique in Saudi Arabia today.
For many years Al Fozan Social Foundation has participated in a wide range of philanthropic initiatives and is presently spearheading eight diverse and sustainable social programs. So important is the foundation to everyone within the business that all of the group's activities are focused on ensuring the foundation's continued success. This commitment is manifested from the funding of the foundation from Al Fozan's annual profits through to the active involvement of all members of the group.


We seek to be the leading pioneers in serving and developing the community in corporation with all its sectors, in order to serve all beneficiaries.

Our Vision
Our Mission

Our mission

We seek to provide pioneering awareness programs in the service of the community with professionalism, quality and continuous development that will bring permanent benefits to the individual, family and society.

Our Timeline

Our Values


We provide our services to all types of beneficiaries with the highest standards of quality, without any derogation, or reference of their category, they are all partners in our services.


We strive to apply the highest quality standards in our services and products, and obtain international certificates approved in this field.


We seek to work with high professional standards, and follow the policies, regulations and laws that are universally observed to maintain high professionalism.


It is imperative to us that we have a responsibility towards our country to exert all our expertise in providing programs and contributions that raise the level of our community culturally, professionally.